21 questions game

21 Questions Game

You don't have to be a Sherlock Holmes to play this game, but it sure helps. This game is perfect for all those detectives hiding inside each of us. The premise behind this sleuthing game is that you have 21 guesses to figure out what the questionee is thinking of, be it a person, place or thing. Elementary my dear, Watson! Some people know this game as the 20 question game. I just like the sound of 21 better because it rolls off the tongue easier. Either way, you have lots of chances to guess correctly [...]

Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Game

Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Game

This type of game has many variations. Each with its own level of difficulty. You don't always have to play by visually spotting the letters; you can also try playing by the first letter in the spelling of a sound something makes. Either way, this game is definitely a staple game worldwide and can be an enjoyable way to help pass the time more quickly. [...]
cloud shape covering the sun

Cloud Shapes Game

This game provides much stimulation for your imagination and is fun for the old and young alike. I have many fond memories of sitting on my back porch as a kid making shapes out of the clouds and imagining if CareBears were really up there; and if they were, what happened [...]
ISpy road trip game

ISpy Game

I have many fond memories of playing the age old classic I spy game as a kid with my cousins. Its the perfect kind of game that can be played almost anywhere, including your car! Because of the nature of the game, it is best played in the day time when objects are easily seen. Let the games begin! I spy with [...]
memory word game

Memory Word Game

This fun game is a variation of the Abc game. Like the game Memory you may have played growing up with playing cards, this game will stretch your thinker to its thinking breaking point! Instead of matching cards, you will need to memorize long strings of names. The game will start out simple, but [...]
name that tune game musical sheet

Name That Tune Game

If you love music as much as my family does, then you will love this game! The basis of this game is to try and guess the song playing before anyone else can. This game can be played using the car radio or from someone's ITunes or another MP3 device. Personally, I love this game. This game will [...]
riddle games dice

Riddle Game

When my kids were younger we would play this game a lot. This game is a variation of the 21 questions game, but with a twist. Your guesses should be in the form of a question, just like the tv game show Jeopardy. If you think your kids are too young to play this game, think again! I would have never thought to have played this game if it wasn't for my two young boys at the time [...]
Slug A Bug toy cars

Slug A Bug

To keep this game a little more family friendly, we play this as a "car bounty"/"spot it" game instead of enduring the melange of bruises and crying that accompanies the traditional game. This game is perfect for car enthusiasts but can still be simple enough to play for those car novices like myself. In order to play this game to its fullest, it is best to be on roads where there are many car types [...]
spot it abacus counter

Spot It Game

Also known as the counting game, this game is great for the both kids and adults! This game is simple to play and should be able to keep the attention of even the youngest in your group. The game play is super simple but can be made as complex as you would like for all those math majors. Playing at night can greatly increase the difficulty. Not only fun, but it's educational too [...]
the storyteller hot air balloon

The Storyteller

If your family loves Mad Libs, then they will love this game. This creative game has given my own family much enjoyment and can make the time go by fast. At the simplest level the storytelling game can be played purely for entertainment and laughs, but can also be played competitively. At its heart, this game appeals to both the young and old. Imaginations are welcome, as is a sense of humor. Stories can range from a far far away desert to fantasies set in the middle ages when knights of valor rescued princesses from dragons [...]
Word Puzzle Newspaper

Word Puzzle Game

This tricky game is perfect for all those word smiths out there. Picture a cross word puzzle, but instead of using pencil and paper, it's all in your head! Don't worry, it's not as hard as it sounds. The core of this game is creating words that intersect with other words. You want to come up with a word that the next player will have difficulty finding an [...]