game tracker instructions

Most games keep score to help manage who is winning and who is not. We have all been in that place with some friends or family, wanting to play a game and then having to track down paper and one of those small pencils. On top of that, who is going to keep score? This is even more tricky on the road.

So to fix the problem of keeping score on paper and to make all our lives just that much simpler, we have built this simple to use web app. This game score keeping web app was built with mobile use in mind, but can also be used on your desktop browser. There is no more need for pencils or paper, all you need is your smartphone!

How To Use This Scorekeeper

To get started, simply specify the rules that will govern your game play:

  1. Select the number of players who are going to be playing the game. Once the game player place holders appear, you can specify the player names.
  2. Select how much a point is worth. Unless you are playing tennis, most games are played with point values of "1," but the option is there if you want to change it.
  3. Select how many points it will take to win.
  4. Select whether or not you want an audio sound to play upon winning.
  5. You can also choose if you would like to have the score board auto sort itself based on whose winning.
  6. And finally, don't forget the cheesy but fun win message! Totally optional, but cool nonetheless.

Game Tracker Setup

Score Keeping Configuration

Score Board 3 points needed to win

Player Point Controls Point Total

So Who Won?